Q: What is good fortune for GOT7?

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JB ruining my life.

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On January 18th, ‘Green Factory’ has been completely turned inside out. JYP family has raided the snack store located on the 4th floor of ‘NAVER’ private company building. Is the general manager of this day Jackson from ‘GOT7’? Everybody shouted “Thank you, Jackson”. Everyone becoming one…




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So I just rewatched Khuntoria WGM and also their appearances together in Radio Star and hosting in MBC after the show.

Even though their WGM is from 2009, it’s just so heart wrenching seeing them fall for each other and just leave because their busy schedules and what-nots. For all those who…

victoria’s smile appreciation post | video by piece-of-gold.

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Khuntoria’s Love remains here. Locked and will stay here forever. My love for Khuntoria Couple will never end. God bless your relationship with Tiffany Khunnie-ssi 😢💔🙊 #khuntoria #namsantower #khuntoriaismyforeverOTP


Khuntoria’s Love remains here. Locked and will stay here forever. My love for Khuntoria Couple will never end. God bless your relationship with Tiffany Khunnie-ssi 😢💔🙊 #khuntoria #namsantower #khuntoriaismyforeverOTP



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Happy Early Birthday~~~ Jungkook and Sehun and Bambam with Vic please^.~ long? Angst/fluff^^


Victoria felt quite amused as she watched the three young boys attempt to sneak into the company building undetected. She was just lounging around the area when she noticed the EXO magnae waiting nervously at the back entrance of the company. She was about to approach him when two boys, looking younger than her hoobae, approach. The three boys talked briefly before stealthily make their way inside. Feeling quite bored and with nothing important to do, she decided to entertain herself and followed the boys.

With Sehun leading the way, the three mischievous boys reached the practice room where SNSD were currently rehearsing for their upcoming comeback. Victoria couldn’t help but giggle as one of the younger boys almost drool as he saw the nation’s girl group do a sexy body roll.

From her spot, she heard familiar voices approaching. Recognizing it as SNSD’s manager and  one of the company’s choreographers assigned for the girls’ dance, she knew the boys were  in trouble. Their bosses were quite strict and secretive about the artists’ comebacks. Seeing two outsiders would spell trouble not only for the two unknown boys but most especially for Sehun.

Moving as quick and as quietly as she could, she approach the oblivious boys.



"Shh.." she scolded. "Be quiet and follow me."

The three boys obediently followed her as she guided them towards one of the unoccupied dance rooms.

"Noona, I can explain."

"You better," she began.  "Because you were so close at being caught sneaking outsiders into the company and peaking into your sunbae’s rehearsal. SNSD’s manager and choreographer oppas were on their way towards the practice room good thing I was there to pull you guys out."

"Thank you noona." Sehun sighed in relief.

"Your welcome. It’s the least I can do for the things you did for us during our trainee days." she smiled towards her dongsaeng. "Mind introducing your friends over there."

"Oh! This is Jung Jungkook from BTS." Sehun pointed at the boy to his right. " And this is Bambam. He’s from JYP’s new group, GOT7."

Victoria smiled the boys. “it’s nice meeting you.” Jungkook and Bambam, who were both stunned at the beauty in front of them, took a long time before being able to respond to their senior. It wasn’t until Sehun nudged the two when they finally snapped from their trance.

"It’s nice to meet you sunbae-nim." Jungkook bowed.

"Thank you for saving us." Bambam followed, bowing as well.

"It’s no biggie. But you boys be more careful next time, okay?" she winked. "I have to get going. Sehun, better sneak them out now. I heard the managers are having a meeting later. It would be harder to slip them out with more people around."

"Yes, noona. Thank you again!" Victoria waved at them before exiting the room.

"Wow! She’s so pretty!" Bambam said as soon as the woman was out.

"What? I thought you liked Taeyeon sunbae-nim?" Sehun asked.

"Why can’t I like both?" Bambam asked. "The 2PM hyungs always tease Nichkhun hyung about how beautiful his ex-wife was. I always thought they were exaggerating, but seeing her in person she’s beyond words."

"Hyung?" Jungkook looked over Sehun.


"When is f(x) coming back? Can you sneak us in again, when it’s their turn to practice?"

Sehun sighed. Why did he have to friends with such fanboys…

WGM Khuntoria, ep.3

jealous wooyoung~ hahaha


~ Oh Amber <3



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